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In any society, there will always be dissimilarity between lives. The rich and the poor, the fortunate and the unfortunate, the good and the bad, the young and the old. In this era of rapid urban development and evolution, everyone is in a perpetual state of rush. Or so it seems. There are those who walk a little slower than others. As society progresses and people play catch-up, what happens to those who are left behind? Do they fade away from society’s memories? Or are they simply discarded by society itself as the majority seeks progress?


Started in 2012 and on-going. This project is an inquiry into the passing of time, memory and life in cities.


On the most fundamental level, photography uses light to capture a moment in time and a piece of memory. This is similar to life, which is essentially made up of our time in this lifetime and the memories of what we choose to remember or forget (consciously or subconsciously). This project plays with the conscious effort to record life and yet to forget about it, once it's been recorded.


In the process of creating these photographs, every roll of film is shot, rewound and left aside. What’s inside these rolls of film are forgotten. These same rolls of exposed film are then reloaded into the camera and re-shot. The end result is an unexpected, spontaneous and disorganized layering of images.

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